Darla D. Davis, Death Qualified Austin Attorney

“Ms. Mayer has a sterling reputation in our field for honesty and hard work.  She takes every job seriously, is not afraid to ask questions, and follows up with me to make sure that a case stays on track.  She has excellent interviewing skills.  She brings a human element to her work that makes people want to talk to her.  She stays on top of our cases and offers her ideas on avenues of investigation.  I am currently working with her on several complex and challenging criminal cases.  I rely on her as a partner on these cases to do our best to get the best outcome for our clients.”

Ariel Payan, Death Qualified Austin Attorney

“I have utilized Mayer Consulting Solutions on high profile cases, and can say their professionalism and devotion to the case and the client exceeded all my expectations.  They were able to meet with some very hostile witnesses and get them to cooperate with the case and mitigation investigation.  They leave no stone un-turned, and no rabbit trail unexplored.  Their reports are succinct and spot on to the issues in my cases.  I would highly recommend their services, and I continue to ask for them specifically in my capital litigation cases. ”

Krista A. Chacona, Austin Attorney

“As a criminal defense attorney, I know that investigation can make or break a case. Katherine’s team is efficient, professional and tenacious.  They leave no stone unturned and keep me up to date on the progress of the case better than anyone in the business. It would be amazing to win every case and have no need for mitigation evidence. But as anyone practicing criminal law knows, that isn’t the case. Katherine’s team is amazing at finding and assembling the best information available to humanize our clients and effectively tell their stories. They begin by building a great rapport with the client and are supportive yet professional until the end.”

Norman E. Lanford, Death Qualified Defense Attorney

“By combining both her fact and mitigation investigative skills, Katherine provided the defense with background information on persons associated with the case, including some that the police didn’t consider interviewing as part of the case.  Katherine provided background information on the accused, her social, and medical history, and information on her family members.  Because of Katherine’s contributions to the defense, we presented a credible and meaningful defense to the jury.  She was a valuable and indispensable part of the defense team.”